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Our office is a West-Europe oriented German managed office. You can always find someone there who speaks your mother tongue, and will perfectly understand you. Language barriers are not a problem at the reception, logistics or engineering department.

The Project Management will adapt your 3D data to the desired casting, and optimise it to the intended production method. Your requirements for change will be implemented anytime during the production. We provide you consultancy regarding individual production and technology options.

In our logistics department your orders are computer controlled and administered. We download your needs and visions by means of fax or EDI in our system, continuously monitoring the delivery terms of your orders, thus ensuring timely and fluent supplies.

By combining small and medium production series we almost always manage to achieve cost savings for our customers. We check and evaluate regularly the production processes to be able to offer additional savings to our customers.

We provide our customers with advisory service, projects are implemented at our suppliers. Optimal communication paths, rapid reactions to customer requirements and their implementation - these are the elements that make the difference between us and our competitors.

Laser burn-cut shapes

LS01 LS02

Laser burn-cut shapes

Same as in any partition process, also laser burning serves to part smaller parts from the main semi-product for potential further processing. To achieve it, laser heats the semi-product along the cutting line to a temperature so high that it locally melts, evaporates or breaks up. In consequence of that, the final burn-cut shape is not connected with the semi-product any longer, and can be taken out for further processing.


Benefits of laser burning:

  • high flexibility and possibility of single part production
  • depending on the device, laser can be used to cut almost any material
  • economically beneficial due to high efficiency of material utilisation
  • material-dependant clean cutting edges with minimum or zero demands on further finish
  • carving/inscription and laser burning can be done on almost the same device within a single operation


Laser burning capacities:

  • metal plate thickness up to 20 mm


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