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Our office is a West-Europe oriented German managed office. You can always find someone there who speaks your mother tongue, and will perfectly understand you. Language barriers are not a problem at the reception, logistics or engineering department.

The Project Management will adapt your 3D data to the desired casting, and optimise it to the intended production method. Your requirements for change will be implemented anytime during the production. We provide you consultancy regarding individual production and technology options.

In our logistics department your orders are computer controlled and administered. We download your needs and visions by means of fax or EDI in our system, continuously monitoring the delivery terms of your orders, thus ensuring timely and fluent supplies.

By combining small and medium production series we almost always manage to achieve cost savings for our customers. We check and evaluate regularly the production processes to be able to offer additional savings to our customers.

We provide our customers with advisory service, projects are implemented at our suppliers. Optimal communication paths, rapid reactions to customer requirements and their implementation - these are the elements that make the difference between us and our competitors.

History of the company

Company establishment (2002)

Silesia-Tech s.r.o. was established by Ing. Martin Slany in 2002. Thanks to his university degree and long-term experience in an international advisory company focused on industrial activity, Martin Slany has deep engineering knowledge. Martin Slany could thus work for a long time as a mechanical engineer in Germany and Austria, working on projects focused on rationalisation, production relocation and cost saving, which enriched him with experiences with West European customers, their requirements and expectations.


Activities (2002 – up to present day)

At the beginning of its business, the company focused on the implementation of active improvement contact between the Austrian and German customers, and the Czech suppliers. This included, first of all, improvement work steps, such as assembly, cutting, drilling, cutting threads, and surface treatment of automotive components. These activities were later completed with the production of chill castings and pressure castings made of aluminium alloys. This production activity was associated with the manufacture of casting moulds, trimming tools and finishing tools.

The constantly growing satisfaction of our exclusively West European customers brought their growing demands and requirements for supplies of our machine components. For that reason, our company extended its supplier and production spectrum by the below areas:

  • turned pieces
  • routed pieces
  • pressed pieces
  • laser components
  • forgings
  • surface treatment (powder, KTL, screening, jetting, polishing, etc.).


Strategic partnership (2004)

In 2004, Mr. Johannes Seilern-Aspang joins the company as an external consultant and, together with him, a broad base of contacts not only in the automotive sphere but also from other industrial branches. This fact yet more encouraged the present remarkable growth of the company. In 2009, Johannes Seilern-Aspang takes over full responsibility for the sales and acquisition of new customers, and since 2011 he has been operating as an active partner of Silesia-Tech s.r.o. Within the optimum distribution of responsibilities of the management, Martin Slany has been dealing with the acquisition of new suppliers, organization of the office in Opava, and special projects at supplier premises.


Production relocation (2006 – up to present day)

In the years that came, based on the requirements of our customers, we relocated the existing production of pressure, low- pressure and chill castings from Austria, Italy, Germany and even India. All about the production relocation was carried out at our full responsibility: we take over tools from the existing supplier, revise the condition of the tools, and ensure smooth adaption of the tools and repeated sampling at a new supplier. We plan such production relocation with high accuracy day after day, not to jeopardise the certainty of supplies for customer.

Whilst the relocation of the existing production and tools represents a feared affair for purchasers, it is a well tested and accustomed challenge for Silesia-Tech s.r.o.  In the recent years we successfully managed over 90 tool relocations and subsequent production of their castings.


Company organization (2009 – up to present day)

Our office is primarily pro-West organized; therefore it has a German management. The office consists of three departments:

a)            Project management is responsible for new sections, section changes and tool adaptations

b)           Logistics deals with orders of series parts, their planning and transport

c)            Financial and payroll accounting

In 2011, the number of employees increased to seven people, and the company's registered office moved to roomier and more representative office premises at the Beethovenova road in Opava.


Full Service (2011 – up to present day)

By the introduction of Austrian software of corporate resource planning, we also adopted the international standard. Currently the needs of our customers are transferred to our system by means of EDI, and within predetermined general capacities we use them separately. We supply series components from our stock within 10 business days. Supplies and their transport are to 99% implemented "free house”, including customs clearance. Administration of packing means is a secondary product of our software.



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