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Our office is a West-Europe oriented German managed office. You can always find someone there who speaks your mother tongue, and will perfectly understand you. Language barriers are not a problem at the reception, logistics or engineering department.

The Project Management will adapt your 3D data to the desired casting, and optimise it to the intended production method. Your requirements for change will be implemented anytime during the production. We provide you consultancy regarding individual production and technology options.

In our logistics department your orders are computer controlled and administered. We download your needs and visions by means of fax or EDI in our system, continuously monitoring the delivery terms of your orders, thus ensuring timely and fluent supplies.

By combining small and medium production series we almost always manage to achieve cost savings for our customers. We check and evaluate regularly the production processes to be able to offer additional savings to our customers.

We provide our customers with advisory service, projects are implemented at our suppliers. Optimal communication paths, rapid reactions to customer requirements and their implementation - these are the elements that make the difference between us and our competitors.

About the company

Silesia-Tech s.r.o. is a successful and modern engineering office with high level of servicing, engineering and advisory services. Since the company establishment in 2002 we have been focusing on supplies for automotive, engineering and electronic industry, and for cableway manufacturers. Partners of Silesia-Tech s.r.o. expect that the company will continue in its success, and its growth will be above the average.

In no case Silesia-Tech s.r.o. functions as a common intermediator, but is a full-value contractual partner of existing customers. We are fully responsible for quality, deadlines and volumes of deliveries. We supply our long-term customers according to their needs not only series parts but also relevant tools and preparations.

Our company values permanent and long-term relationships both with customers and with suppliers, therefore we dedicate continuous care to our customer and supplier database which we keep extending. Our suppliers usually reside in the Eastern Europe. Since the registered office of our company is in Opava, we are really close to our suppliers.

Out Project Management department accompanies our customers and suppliers from the very beginning of the project, i.e. from an idea we continue with creation of construction and documentation, making of prototypes and first samples up to the approval of samples for the following series production.

The initiation of series production, as well as the subsequent planning and processing of orders all the way to spare part supplies are under permanent supervision of our logistics department.

Our services further cover the below spheres:

  • technical support of customers in project implementation and production
  • effective processing of orders
  • complaint procedure and implementation of permanent corrective measures
  • audits at our suppliers with/out the participation of our customers
  • professional support in resolving technological, technical and design engineering issues at our customers
  • permanent acquisition of new customers and suppliers



The highest priority of our company is customer satisfaction based on quality, quantity and timeliness of deliveries.  We consider ourselves a West-Europe oriented partner, residing in the Eastern Europe. We fully represent and implement the interests of our customers. The ideal communication and implementation of requirements is ensured by distributing responsibility of management between two owners: Martin Slany and Johannes Seilern-Aspang to care for supplier and care for customer at their residence locations.

Our experience again proves that direct business contacts of West European customers in the Eastern Europe first feature initial euphoria and cost savings. In a long-term view we however see imperfections in permanent sustainability of offers and disappointment resulting from breached promises of East European suppliers. Our main target is removal of language barriers, creation of firm and long-term business partnerships, stabilisation of cost savings and permanent assurance of the required effect. Our most important objective is success and maximum satisfaction of our customers and business partners.


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